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Pesticide License PR#6106

Pesticide License RA#50127

Pesticide License FR#47253

Contractors License #981254

API WorkSafe Safety Key #82227523    3-27-2016  

Certified Bird Installer for Bird Barrier of America, Inc

Certified Bird Installer for Bird B Gone

Certified Bird Installer for Bird X

Authorized  OvoControl Service Partner - Preferred

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Serving San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino,Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties and Special Locations 

Pigeon Control Services

  • Pigeon Pest Control - Commercial 
  • Bird Exclusion Devices & Bird Track Installations
  • John Commercial Services Pigeon/Bird Abatement & Remediation
  • Solar Panel Bird Exclusion‚Äč
  • Bird Contol In Los Angeles

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               Getting Rid of Pigeons

Let Birdxpert.com provide you with expert bird control services - we provide installation services for pigeon and bird spikes, bird repellent, bird deterrents and avian rodent control that keep birds away.  


Get Rid of Pigeons in Los Angeles

Southern California

Installation of Pigeon Devices Bird Spike and Netting 

Get Rid of Pigeons in Los Angeles